Leaking Showers Brisbane | Showers Leaking Brisbane

Everybody knows the sound: that irritating tip, tip, tip of a leaking shower. Strange how one rarely notices it until it is late at night and the sound seems to grow louder and louder with each drop that falls. After a few hours it starts to sound like a whole regiment of the Admiral’s Fleet, marching in unison to the sound of a drum. No sleep for you and all because of a leaking shower!

Maybe it is not the sound of the leaking shower that is irritating you. Maybe your shower is leaking to the extent that water is now running across your bathroom floor. That leaking shower needs to be fixed and it needs to be fixed now!

We have good news for all residents in and around the Brisbane area. If you have a leaking shower in Brisbane, our technician in Brisbane will be able to fix it for you in a jiffy. You won’t have to spend another sleepless night because of a leaking shower.

There are many reasons why you should give us a call if you have showers leaking in Brisbane. Probably the most important reason of all, is that we can save you a fortune. Leaking showers aren’t only irritating; they also waste water and water costs money. We can fix your leaking shower in super quick time without any delay so that not one drop is wasted any longer.

Our company’s name is All Leaking Showers but that can sometimes be a bit misleading. In Brisbane, leaking showers are not the only thing we can fix for you. And you don’t only have to call us for help with problems in your bathroom. We also offer other services like tile replacement, regrouting and we can also repair any broken tiles. Anywhere in or around your house you have problems with tiles, contact our technician in Brisbane for quick and reliable service.

All Leaking Showers is a business run by me, Larry Gaffney. Our leaking shower and tiling services are available in the Brisbane.

If you are in Brisbane and it is a leaking shower you are struggling with, give me a call today. My number in Brisbane is 0401 401 177.